High-Quality US Flags in Birmingham, AL

At American Flag Company, we offer quality US flags in Birmingham, AL, as well as online. Our flags are available in a wide range of sizes and are made using nylon, polyester, and cotton. This makes our flags great for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to show your patriotic side at any time. So when you are looking for high-quality flags for any occasion, visit our store or contact us online. 

US Nylon

US Polyester

US Cotton

US Historical

A Piece of US History 

In addition to our modern national flags, we also offer many US historical flags. These flags allow you to honor different eras of United States history and are perfect for history buffs. Some of the historical flags we have to offer include the Betsy Ross flag and the Bennington flag. 

Flag Accessories Available

   After purchasing your new flag, you will need the proper equipment to fly it proudly. That’s why we offer a variety of flag poles and hardware from which to choose. Our poles are designed for flags of any size and are perfect for either residential, commercial, or government properties. 

   Contact us to learn more about the hardware accessories we have available for flying your US flag.