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American Flag Company 

There are few things that feel as good as waving the red, white, and blue in the air. That is why American Flag Company in Birmingham, AL, is here to provide you with high-quality American flags that will look great flying in front of your home, business, or office. We don’t stop there either, we have a wide variety of different flags and accessories for you to choose from as well, including military flags, state flags, custom flags, and even flagpoles. You will always be able to show off your pride with the help of our store!

A Proud History of Service

Family owned and operated for nearly 100 years, our American flag company has been one of the most trusted retailers in the area when it comes to providing high-quality flags, banners, flagpoles, and related items and memorabilia. Not only that, but through our top-notch service and competitive pricing, we make it incredibly easy for you to get whatever you need without any hassles.

Flags are one of the best ways for you to show everybody what matters most to you. From our military branches to your favorite sports team, these flags can play a major role in decorating and defining your property. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. Purchase a flag from us today.

Assistance for Local Customers   

Are you a local customer looking to have a new flagpole installed on your property? Let us help you do it the right way! We have years of experience--and all of the tools necessary to efficiently, effectively, and safely install your new flagpole anywhere it needs to go.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns about adding a flag to your property, our team will gladly take the time to assist you. We guide you towards the perfect size, equipment, and accessories you need to ensure your new flag looks as good in person as it does in your mind. Make an informed buying decision by working with the professionals at American Flag Company!

Contact us with any questions you have about our flags and accessories. We look forward to providing our wonderful products and services to customers located throughout the Birmingham, Alabama, area.

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